Top 5 Mistakes Students Do in Writing SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a technique that is commonly used for strategic planning. It is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and is a structured planning method that evaluates those four elements of an organization, project, or business venture. Developed at Stanford in the 1970s, it is a process for identifying the internal and external factors that will affect the company's future performance. It helps to identify what is happening internally and externally so that businesses can plan and manage their ventures most effectively and efficiently.

According to a dissertation writing service, SWOT analysis plays a crucial role in determining and defining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and works hard to ensure operations move in the right direction. The main purpose of a SWOT analysis is to keep a close check on the strengths and weaknesses within an organization as well as identify opportunities and threats that exist in the market to ensure that experts and strategists plan their future moves. Most students studying business and finance come face to face with SWOT analysis and they are required to study various case studies and situations of business and come up with conclusions regarding their success and failure.

When working on their papers, students must remember the purpose and the goal of SWOT before moving ahead with the analysis. The better they understand what they are required to do and how they should work, the better analysis they will be able to come up with and avoid mistakes that land them in trouble. This article is a guide for students who are working on their SWOT analysis and helps them realize some mistakes they end up making and how to avoid these mistakes to do a good job on their assignment.

Understanding The Basic Concept:

This is one mistake that costs students heavily as they end up doing a job they know nothing about and as a result, they do it wrong. To write a SWOT analysis, students must first understand what it is all about and why it is being done. Unless they know its end goal and purpose, they will not be able to do it right and this is the reason why their papers get rejected as they do not know what they are doing and how it should be done the right way. Knowing the basic concept is very important for students to do it right.

Creating Long Lists:

Adding too many things or creating long lists is one mistake that most students make during SWOT analysis. They end up doing it either due to a lack of knowledge regarding the goal or unclear scope. Creating long lists is not the answer to the problem, it is necessary to find out what is crucial or important and how it is playing a key role in an organization.

Miscalculating Strengths:

Most of the students end up miscalculating strengths as they go overboard when estimating the good things. This is a big mistake and they end up adding more than what is there. When writing their analysis, miscalculating strengths can lead to several other problems that eventually raise the question of the feasibility of their report and affects its practicality.

Taking Things Lightly:

This is one mistake that can ruin all the hard work and efforts students have been putting together in trying to come up with a good paper. Neglecting to take weaknesses seriously and highlighting strengthens more than necessary can land to bigger issues in the long run. Students need to realize that they must pinpoint the problems as they are so that anyone going through the paper can identify them as they are to deal with them the right way.

Ignoring PEST Analysis:

Political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological factors play a very crucial role in the success and smooth operations of any business and students must keep them in mind when working on their SWOT analysis. There are threats as well as opportunities and they present various challenges which make it necessary to figure them out, list them and handle them efficiently to help businesses grow in the right direction. With PEST analysis, it becomes easy to develop a standard and structured way to access all factors and manage things easily.

Students find working on a SWOT analysis a tough task, especially those who are doing it for the first time and have no idea about what to do. it is necessary to have an understanding of the mistakes that can affect the quality of the paper so that they can look forward to doing things write and provide the most relevant and effective information to the readers.

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