Anticancer Agents From Natural Products

Anticancer Agents
The anticancer agents are also known as anticancer drugs. The anticancer agents are those drugs which are effective in the treatment of cancer. According to pharmacology, there are a lot of classes of anticancer agents. First of all, there come alkylation agents. Secondly, there come anti-metabolites. Thirdly, there come natural products. There are a lot of anticancer agents are prepared from natural products. If you don’t have enough idea about the anticancer agents that are prepared from natural products, then you can get help from assignment writing services. Some essential anticancer agents from natural products are given below;

Alvarado E:Usually, it is collected from the leaves of Alvarado hairiness in the Dominican Republic. In the production of this kind of anticancer agent, the oral epidermis cranium cells of the human are also used. Its structure is just like C-glycosides. These kinds of drugs have shown the most modest anti-leukemic activities in the treatment of cancer. This kind of drug is helpful for the people in the treatment of prostate cancer cells. The most important component in this series is Alvaradoins A-D. First of all, this compound was described by scientists in 1999.

Neopeltolide:This kind of anticancer agent is found in the deepwater of the coast of Jamaica. If we talk about the structure of this kind of compound, then we come to know that there is an isoxazole ring inside of this compound. If we study the characteristics of this compound, then we come to know that most of its characteristics are similar to the characteristics of leucascandrolide. As we know that there is a paucity of the material, and due to this paucity, it is hard for us to get an idea about the absolute configuration of this material. According to research and experiments, it is proven that this kind of natural product can be used for the treatment of three kinds of cancer cells.

Palmerolide A:This kind of natural compound is usually found in the shallow water of Anvers Island. The Anvers Island is found on the Antarctic Peninsula. If we talk about the effectiveness of this kind of natural cell, then we come to know that this kind of natural cell is effective and active against the melanoma cells. You will be amazed to know that this compound is three times more active against the melanoma cells than any other anticancer agent.

Perifosine A:This kind of natural compound can be easily got from the strain of fungus. If we talk about its structure, then we come to know that its structure is very simple. This kind of natural compound can also get from the gut of the sea hare. If we talk about the effectiveness of this compound, then we come to know that this is a more active cytotoxic agent than any other.

Along with these natural products that are used as anticancer agents, there are also some other natural products that can also be used as anticancer agents. In these products, there comes Silvestrol and Pancratistatin 3,4-O-cyclic phosphate sodium salt etc.

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