What makes video games attractive to young adults?

A video game by nature meant to be enticing, exhilarating and addictive. Video games are like any professional team franchise. The most successful video game franchise HALO has made over $5 Billion dollars. A video game is an electronic entertainment. We can play a video game on mobiles, laptop, and taps. We can augment our mental level by playing video games. If you want to write an essay about a video game, you can get help from the expert's writers of dissertation writing services.

Twist and plots
Most video games are created with puzzle, plot and twist. Therefore, most young men are taking interest in video games. Video games are consisted of innocence to rescue and bosses to battle.  Playing a video game takes a lot of energy and effort. We can see that video games are becoming more accessible, more attractive and more challenging for all the persons. There are a lot of video games that are the most interesting and attractive.
The world of unconsciousness
 Games often throw in the world of unconsciousness. It is the most common problem that young adult spends more time playing a video game.  According to modern research, playing a video game is the waste of time.  Hundreds of people want to spend their time playing a game. However, the most important question is why video games are so attractive.  We can assert that in a game people feel the conditions of unconsciousness. It is a kind to get relief from the fever or fret of the world. It is a better thing to feel relaxation from the worries of the world.
Saves from boredom
Playing a video game saves us from the boredom. Most students and young people feel boredom in their leisure time, because, they have no activity to do in their real life.  So, a video game is the best option to spend your time and enjoy your time. Most university students play a video game in their free periods. They admit that playing a video game is a source to get pleasure, because, they feel happy after one round.
Enhance our memory
Another most important benefit of video games is that a video game can improve the mental level. Playing a video game is very challenging work for a person, because, he is unable to solve many points in a video game. If you want to solve all the problems of your life, you should play a video game. A video game is most useful in order to improve your memory level. However, you should keep in mind that you should not waste your time on video games. It is most important to keep a limit of playing a video game.
According to modern research,

Hundreds of millions of people around the sphere are already devoting larger and larger chunks of time to this alternate reality. Jointly, we spend three billion hours a week in a game. In the United States, there are 183 million active gamers; video games took in about $15.5 billion last year. “

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