Different Types Of Academic Writing

Academic writing is a very broad term and if we talk about the definition of academic writing, then we come to know that any writing which is done for the fulfilment of all the requirements of a school, college or university is known as academic writing. The articles which are published in academic journals for the students, teachers and researchers also come into academic writing. Planning, outline, tone, language, point-of-view and approach are considered some essential characteristics of an academic language. Due to the lack of academic writing skills, if you are not able to write an academic paper, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. Some essential types of academic writing are explained below; 

1) Descriptive writing
If we talk about the simplest type of academic writing, then we come to know that descriptive writing is the simplest type of academic writing. If you are going to write an academic paper by adopting descriptive writing style, then you will have to explain it from all the angles with the help of best examples, facts, and evidence. Some essential examples of descriptive writing are the summary of a report and the results of a particular experiment. There are five essentials of academic writing. First of all, there comes the identification of the problem. Secondly, there comes to report about this problem. Thirdly, there comes a complete record of this problem. Fourthly, there comes a summary of this problem. At last, there comes definition of this problem.

2) Analytical writing
If we talk about the most used form of academic writing, then we come to know that analytical writing is mostly used in schools, colleges and universities. It is just like descriptive writing but the facts of descriptive writing are well-organized into different categories and groups. For analytical writing, the students should try to spend plenty of time in organizing the facts and ideas, to create different categories, to create sub-sections of these categories, and to make a clear structure of your paper.

3) Persuasive writing
In some academic papers, there is a possibility that you are asked to add another step in analytical writing. By adding this step, your writing will become persuasive. In the persuasive writing, your academic paper has all the point of views of the analytical writing plus your own point of views about the topic. In persuasive writing, it is also necessary for a writer to prove his point of view with the help of the best examples and evidence.

4) Critical writing
If we are talking about the advanced level writing, then we have to come across critical writing. The critical writing is just like persuasive writing but in critical writing, you will have to add some more point of views than persuasive writing. For critical writing, it is necessary for the students to summarize his point of view in a critical way, to provide your own point of views and opinions in the support of your work, and to provide some evidence in the support of these points of views.

These are some essential types of academic writing. You can select one of them according to the requirements and guidelines of your institute.

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