Common Difficulties That Students Face In Essay Writing

An essay is an important and short piece of writing on a particular subject. This important piece of writing provides the author’s point of views on a particular subject. Basically, there are two classifications of the essays like formal essays and informal essays. If you have to write an essay on any serious element, then this comes into formal essays. On the other hand, if you are asked to write essays on personal element, then this essay comes into informal essays. The students face a lot of difficulties to write an essay. Due to these difficulties, if a student is not able to create a monument of an essay, then he/she can get help from expert writers of the essay writing services. Some common difficulties that students face in essay writing are given below;

1) Getting started

To commence the essay writing task on a blank piece of paper is a real challenge for the students. The typical cause of the occurrence of this kind of problem is that most of the students skip the pre-writing process. In order to tackle such an obstacle situation, you should try to clearly define the purpose of essay writing and to highlight the main components of your essay. If you are not able to censor your thoughts, then brainstorming is the best solution for you.

2) Formulating thesis statement

A thesis statement is an important component of your essay. It is usually written at the end of the introductory paragraph of an essay. This thesis statement explains the main points of your essay. Most of the students are not able to formulate a thesis statement for their essays. As a result, it is difficult for them to structure and organize their ideas in the form of an essay.

3) Voice and audience

As we know that an essay is a formal piece of writing. Therefore, there requires an objective and third-person voice to create a monument of your essay. This kind of objective and third-person voice also allows the students to omit slang and colloquialisms from their essays. Moreover, this voice also allows the students to use big and complex words smartly. There are a lot of students who are not able to write their essays by maintaining such a voice.

4) Citing sources

To write an essay, we will have to gather data from different resources. After gathering data from these resources, we will have to cite these resources in an essay in order to avoid from the plagiarism issues. There is a lot of students who don’t know how to cite these resources in an essay in order to get rid of plagiarism issues.

5) Writer’s block

Sometimes, there is a possibility that the students are not able to create enough unique and original content for their essays. This thing is known as writer’s block. Due to writer’s block, it is hard for the students to complete word count for their essays. A writer’s block can cripple the ability of a student not only in a shorter piece of writing like an essay but also in a longer piece of writing like a dissertation.

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