Who is a Career Counsellor?

Career Counsellor
Most of the time we are confused that how to choose a career path because we are not sure which one is appropriate for us so we could achieve a long term career goal. Here, professionals suggests for career counselling but it always blinks a question in our mid that who is actually a career counsellor? A career counsellor is a person who is trained to help us in find our career path and goal. He provides them best assignment writing service as well. He/she is mostly an experienced professional with background of career that helps him to find solutions for our problem. It doesn’t matter for him that either the next person is a fresh graduate, a student or an experienced individual.

Career counselling mostly starts like an interview and proceeds like a psychological counselling and actually it is combination of both. Because if career counsellor knows about your skills, educational background, achievements and other relevant things by asking questions will help him to know about your abilities and skills. And psychological counselling leads to let him know your personality, interests, values and preferences so he. She would suggest the most appropriate path for your career. In this way, he tries to find your history for better results through this all process.

He may use this information to find an appropriate job for you. It is required for a career counsellor to possess the knowledge of various fields with information of required skills for each field. When the has assessed a client then needs to match his abilities, skills for academic career, interest and educational background with the possible career options and choose the best one according to client’ personality so he would have a career with self-satisfaction. They not only help to find an appropriate career path and also help to find a job and sources to enhance your skills for future career growth.

Mostly there is a perception that a career counsellor’ job is easy and he just has to take interviews or talk to help you to complete your dissertation. But reality is that he is working for hours to search an appropriate career path for his client and sometime a suitable job too. Now days Organizations have hired career counsellors for their employees to know are they the job-fit or not and if not where to place them within the organization to increase productivity and employee satisfaction too. Institutes have also invested in the growth of their students by hiring or employing career counsellor.

A career counsellor helps students to choose a major course for a professional degree according to their personality trait, interest and preferences for writing a great dissertation. Now days career counsellor also working for social work to let people know about their potential and how they can use it for their prosperity. In this way, they are contributing in social welfare of our society and country. Some successful career counsellors have expended their job description by working as a recruitment specialist with different organizations. In this way companies are find the appropriate job-fit for the development and growth of organizations and employees’ career too.

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